For quite some time I’ve needed a break.  I’ve kept a steady update schedule for a long time now, so the idea of a break had me worried about breaking my streak or losing readers during a hiatus.  But I’m happy to say that I’ve found a way to have a break AND provide you with MORE updates than you’re used to.  How?


I traveled back eight years and convinced 2005 Hawk to spend his summer break creating some extra pages of Culture Shock.  I didn’t want to spoil the comic for him so I had him work on a side story.  Now here I am, back in the present with 14 pages of comic that I will post three times a week.  I should warn you, 2005 Hawk is a TERRIBLE artist, and an even worse writer, so not only will this comic look kind of bad, but its story is hammy and stupid, and I’m ashamed of it.  But it DOES fill you in on some backstory.

Oh, also, 2005 Hawk is a bastard and he couldn’t wait for people to read the comic so he submitted it to the Drunk Duck Anthology, which means an extremely small percentage of you have read this in print already.  I hate 2005 Hawk.  But if you follow along you’ll get the benefit of author commentary and new information.

Also keep in mind that I might actually speed up the posting process on this, depending on how much break I think I need, and how embarrassed I am that this story is being seen when people go to my site.  “Oh, is this that Culture Shock comic I’ve heard about?  The art is bad, and the story is hammy and stupid.”

Anyway, kick back and try to tolerate the 2005 adventure of Vivian and the Three Little Pigs.