I’m going to skip making that page with trite jokes about the differences between Japanese and American toilets.  The honest truth is that 90% of Japanese toilets are just like American ones.  In very fancy places, you’ll sometimes see the Japanese toilets with buttons.  And in really old places you’ll find what we call “squatters”, named so because they’re basically a trough in the ground with no seat, and using them requires taking off your pants halfway.  But a person could easily visit Japan and never see anything besides regular toilets.  It certainly doesn’t warrant a page where one of our characters presses the wrong button and has some “hilarious” consequences… especially when some of our characters thought the toilet was a washbasin earlier in the comic.

So if you absolutely wanted to see cliched foreign toilet mishaps, you’ll need to watch Cars 2.  This page is better spent telling you why they’re in Japan in the first place.