Sorry, everybody. I don’t have a new page for today. I decided to finally try to make a good Halloween costume and it ended up taking up most of my weekend. But I do have this artwork. When you’re already an elf, how do you dress up on Halloween? I suppose this is one option… maybe not the most creative one.

Early in the comic I had considered the possibility of Brooke learning to hide her ears and change her hair color via magic in order to better fit in. I pretty quickly considered that to be a dumb idea because it defeats the overall purpose of the comic. Brooke (and others) are supposed to stand out and feel out of place. It also speaks to her naivety that she thinks she’s in an area where elves are rare, rather than realizing that her entire race exists only as legend in the modern world.

Plus–and maybe it’s just because it’s how she’s looked for so long–I think she looks better as an elf… and is more fun to draw.